Silencer 7

Sound suppression for cooling containers

Silencer7 makes it possible to reduce noise nuisance from refrigerated containers by up to 60% and is therefore ideal for containers located in denser built-up areas and areas with noise limits.

About Silencer 7

Silencer 7 was developed and designed in close collaboration between Aarhus Container Depot and Bardraam Air Technology, with the aim of reducing noise nuisances from refrigerated containers.

Bardram has its roots all the way back in 1952 and especially the firm’s essentials solutions have got the Danish food industry’s positive attention over the years.

Silencer 7 is therefore ideal for containers that must comply with noise limits, for example containers placed in densely built-up areas.
Silencer7 has got its name from the 7 dB sound attenuation that is possible with this unique product.

Silencer7 has been developed in Denmark, partly based on more than 25 years of experience with containers on all levels, and more than 30 years of experience with external sound insulation in connection with ventilation systems.

Bardram Luft Teknik Website
ACD / Aarhus Container Depot

Commercial Design

Designed to be incorporated into any container park with a minimum visual impact. A natural extension to any cooling container.



Noise Suppression

Silencer 7 can reduce the noise of a cooling container by up to 60%. Depending on the specific container, Silencer 7 will reduce noise to approximately 7 DB.




Simple installation

Installation and maintenance of Silencer 7 is made as easy as possible however may require technical skills. We deliver both installation and maintenance services.


Powerfull Suppression, minimalist design, easy installation.

Silencer 7 is designed to fit all standard 20 and 40 foot containers. It is easy to install and maintain and is therefore a very effective solution to a container’s noise nuisance.

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