Installation & Service

Silencer7 is easy to install.
You can install yourself if you have a little technical insight or we can do it for you.
Continuous maintenance and service can be purchased.

Sales and assembly outside Denmark

If you live outside of Denmark, contact us via the contact form so that we can find the best solution for exactly your location.

Buy or Rent

You have the opportunity to buy Silencer7 for your refrigerated containers, or you can choose to rent Silencer7 in, a pre-arranged period. In the case of a rental arrangement, the 1st year service agreement are included.

Contact us and hear more about the solution that is most interesting to you.

Set up

Once you have invested in a Silencer7 unit, we ensure that your first set-up becomes optimal.
You can install it your self, using our instructionvideo, or we can mount your Silencer7 for you.

Installation service is not included. Call and hear more. 

Maintenance & Service

We are, of course, experts in the maintenance and service of Silencer7 and can help you so everything running smoothly in the future, and we respond quickly to any downtime.

Service agreement is an not included.
Call for quote.